Coronavirus Protection: Should You Be Wearing a Face Mask?
Coronavirus Protection: Should You Be Wearing a Face Mask?

To wear a face mask or to not a face mask remains a burning question these days. With coronavirus pandemic taking over the entire world in its grasp, people are still wondering whether they should be wearing a face mask or not.
When coronavirus was discovered in China a few months back and slowly spread across different countries, ministers advised people to not use the face masks. Fast forward to the current times, now they are urging people to use them.
With lockdowns gradually being lifted in all countries, the government has warned the general public to protect themselves from the virus by using the face coverings. In most countries, nobody is allowed to step outside without wearing a face mask. In countries like the US, UK, and UAE, strict restrictions are being imposed on the public to wear face masks.
Whoever steps outside without wearing a face mask will be heavily charged. The use of face masks is said to prevent an increase in coronavirus infections as most countries decide to relax the lockdown measures.
Importance of Wearing a Face Mask During Pandemic
Face masks are said to be an essential item for coronavirus protection. Since the earliest days of the pandemic, WHO and most governments have been urging everyone to take measurable steps to prevent catching, transmitting the deadly virus.
Washing hands for at least twenty seconds with soap and water still remains one of the principal methods of preventing the spread of the coronavirus. However, we are also mindful of the need to trap coughs and sneezes in a tissue which must be discarded immediately after use. You can contain the spread of the virus by staying indoors and reducing your contact with other people.
Even though we cannot guarantee that coronavirus won’t spread if we wear face masks, still wearing them can help us limit the spread of the virus. Keep in mind that we are dealing here with Covid19 which appears to be highly contagious. Therefore, limiting the spread of this virus can be an extremely difficult job.
As per the recent studies, we come to know that wearing a face mask is an essential step in staying safe from the virus and in ensuring the safety of others around you.
Different Types of Face Mask
Certainly, different types of face masks are being introduced to protect people from coronavirus. When it comes to choosing a face mask, you need to decide what type of face mask is most suitable for you. Your choices will surely depend on your needs and circumstances.
A person working in a care home will have different requirements of a face mask than a person heading out to the supermarket to get some grocery items. Similarly, a healthcare worker will need a different face mask than the one staying at home.
Let us discuss different types of face masks available to the people.
Surgical Masks
Surgical masks are disposable and are usually worn by doctors and healthcare professionals to protect patients and medical professionals. Even though these masks are quite popular among the general public, they offer limited protection against the virus because the tiny droplets spreading coronavirus can pass through these face masks.
Respirator Masks
If you want the highest levels of protection from coronavirus, we suggest you use the respirator masks or N95 masks. These masks have been designed to provide maximum protection against the virus to the people wearing them. There are built-in filtration systems installed in these masks that ensure that the majority of impurities are filtered out before they can reach the person wearing them.
Different types of respirator masks are available in the market now such as FFP, FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3.
FFP is the abbreviation for Filtering Face Protection and is considered the benchmark for high-quality and effective respirator masks. These masks are said to provide effective protection against the coronavirus. FFP comes in three separate levels: FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3. Each level offers different levels of coronavirus protection. FFP1 offers the lowest levels of protection against the virus whereas FFP2 offers superior protection.
However, FFP3 masks are the ones that provide the highest levels of protection against the virus. The healthcare workers and medical professionals are advised to use these masks since they are more exposed to the risk of getting infected by the virus.
Some countries may not have made the wearing of face masks compulsory. However, it makes good sense to make sure that you have maximum protection against the virus. Therefore, you should wear a face mask whenever you step outside for work or to get essential items.

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