Here’s Why PPE for Schools is Crucial Before Reopening
Here’s Why PPE for Schools is Crucial Before Reopening

As soon as the Coronavirus pandemic started over, many schools and educational institutions were immediately asked to shut down to prevent the spread of the virus. When Coronavirus was first discovered, many people thought young people, especially kids will be immune to it.
However, that perception was proved wrong once a case of a young kid affected by Coronavirus was first reported in China. This caused all the schools and universities to close down temporarily until the Coronavirus pandemic situation settled.
But the main concern is, how long the schools are going to remain closed? How long students are going to study online? Once the coronavirus cases reduce and lockdown among countries start lifting, the schools need to be reopened. However, let’s not forget that PPE for schools is crucial before reopening.
PPE for Schools is Needed Before Reopening
All the ministers in the UK and the US have warned that PPE for schools is required before they can be reopened for the students. A list of key measures has been devised and sent across all the schools to ensure the safe return to schools for students throughout the world which also includes PPE for schools.
It’s true that schools require PPE before reopening but they also need extra money to arrange the thorough cleaning of schools as well as arranging the PPE. Even though it is still unknown how Covid19 can transmit between children in schools but we cannot completely neglect it.
There is limited information on Covid19 transmission between kids in schools which puts them at a much greater risk. All schools should place serious caution around the students’ return date as well as the availability and provision of PPE for schools. Strategies for deep cleaning should also be developed so they can be implemented as soon as possible.
No school could reopen without implementing the cleaning strategies and having enough PPE for the school staff and students. Schools should have access to PPE before they can be reopened for the students.
General Precautions for Schools During Covid19
Teachers and school staff should wear face masks whenever they are interacting with students and others. Even students should wear face masks during their classes. Hand gloves may not be required.
Those children or staff who are not feeling good or displaying any symptoms of Covid19 should not be allowed to visit or attend their school. If a teacher is asymptomatic, he/she should contact their employer to arrange their tests immediately.
Proper social distancing should be maintained by students and school staff during school hours. Apart from that, hand washing using soap and water by students and staff should be encouraged. Moreover, the surfaces should be frequently cleaned and disinfected to reduce the risk of infection.
Schools will be reopened but the number of students will be less. This means a reduced number of students will be allowed to return to school. More attention needs to be paid to the cleaning of the schools. All the surfaces need to be disinfected. On the other hand, how the students are spaced in the school will also be taken into consideration.
Since planning everything requires a lot of organization, it is advised to schools to not rush into reopening them any soon. Especially when there is a surge of coronavirus cases.
According to a recent survey of 17,000 school staff which was conducted across the UK, it was found that 76 percent of them wanted PPE when schools reopen. Of all the survey respondents who said that they needed PPE, 84 percent of them said it should also include a face mask that covered their noses and mouths and 31 percent said that it should also include eye protection, gowns, and aprons.
In the same research, it was also found that 74 percent believed that it would be difficult to manage social distancing in schools when more students will return to the schools.

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